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Actionscript comes in handy when dealing with SWF Buttons.

A button defines, in SWF context, an object sensitive to mouse movement, mouse buttons, and key presses.

The following is a trivial example: Four objects which change their shape once the cursor is over it.

Code listing 5.1

.flash filename="button1.swf" fps=50

.box box1 color=white fill=#336633 width=50 height=50 
.box box2 color=white fill=#99cc99 width=100 height=100
.button mybutton1
    .show box1 as=shape x=25 y=25
    .show box2 as=hover x=12.5 y=12.5

.frame 1
    .put b1=mybutton1
    .put b2=mybutton1 x=100 red=+255
    .put b3=mybutton1 y=100 green=+255
    .put b4=mybutton1 x=100 y=100 blue=+255

The .show command (which can only be used inside .button) has a syntax very similar to .put. For every shape a button uses, you can specify the position, color transform, scaling, rotation etc. just like with .put.

The only real difference between those two commands is the as parameter: with that you tell the button when to display that specific shape. There are four allowed parameters to as:

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