Examples for movies generated with, or with the help of, the scripting language sc and it's compiler swfc.

N-Body Chorégraphies

The Lagrande solution of N-Body problems. Together with Sources.

From Jean-Michel Sarlat.

Mandelbrot explorer

A mandelbrot fractal explorer. together with source.

Also from Jean-Michel Sarlat.

Button1 (Source)

Button2 (Source)

Button3 (Source)

Menu Button (Source)

Several button demos from Laurent Lalanne.

Keyboard simulator

A keyboard simulator using Flash buttons to simulate the individual keys, from Laurent Lalanne.


Flash Eyes

A fun movie, also from Laurent Lalanne, with Source , too. Click into the upper left corner to make the eyes move!

Flash 8 Blend Modes example

An example for the different blend modes in Flash 8.


Flash 8 Text Snapshot example

An example for how to do text snapshots with Flash 8 and swfc

SWFC Manual

The SWFC manual itself has several more examples.

png2swf & jpeg2swf
Examples for movies generated from PNGs or JPEGs using png2swf or jpeg2swf.

PSTricks/Metapost examples

More animations from Jean-Michel Sarlat, created with png2swf.

Examples for the pdf2swf converter.
Notice: Some of these files are based on arbitrary pdf files downloaded from the Internet and converted to swf. Their primary purpose is to demonstrate the functionality of the pdf2swf converter. We are not, in any way, responsible for the content of these files.
Furthermore, if you are the copyright owner of one of these files and feel that the existence of the latter on this server is violating your copyright rights, please inform the site maintainers under the email addresses given, and we will remove the files in question immediately.

pdf2swf + rfxview viewer

A pdf displayed in the new swfc based viewer (rfxview).

pdf2swf: Moderate Deviations for Martingales with bounded jumps

This is the first page of one of the first documents pdf2swf had to convert. The cube is there to remind you that you are looking at a flash animation.
(Full converted document is here)


Several very nice flash presentations generated with pdf2swf, from Jean-Michel Sarlat. Complete with preloaders.


pdf2swf: A page of a pdf which shows some vector graphics.
(Full document, with a tessel-balls Preloader from Rainer, is here)

The Not So Short Introduction To LaTeX.

pdf2swf: A LaTeX manual (101 Pages), with a "SWFTools" Preloader.

pdf2swf: The pdfscreen manual
pdf2swf: The pdfscreen manual (Flash 6 (MX) Version - 42% the original size!)
This is the pdfscreen (a pdftex macro package) manual. The original pdf document includes it's own browsing functions (which pdf2swf converted to swf, too). Thanks to Uwe Koloska for sending me a link to the original document.

avi2swf Examples for movies converted with avi2swf.

Matrix Trailer

An example for a movie converted with the new avi2swf, using h.263 compression.

Penguin Movie

An older, Flash 4/5 compatible example for a movie converted with the old version of avi2swf. (Without Sound)


Wireframe Cube.

A wireframe cube, drawn using simple shape objects. The blur is done using Color Transforms.


Glyph Shape.

A font example, where the font's glyphs are stored inside a DEFINESHAPE tag to get individual control over the characters.



A simple example on how to generate images of the various bit depths supported by flash.


Edittext demo.

Some edittext boxes generated from C.



These flash CGIs are generated using the rfxswf library. Try playing around with the parameters.

SWFTools Animation

Rainer made this nice little animation of a "SWFTools" logo with some moving formulas on background.

librfxswf(h.263) Some examples for Flash MX H.263 video generation with rfxswflib.
Those animations were created by abusing the Motion-Vector estimation feature of MPEG video.





pyswf Examples for movies generated using the Python interface for librfxswf.

Picture Distorter (Source)

Picture artificial detail zoom (Source)

X^Y Transform (Source)

The python versions of the h.263 movie-compression abuse.

I'm currently in the process of re-creating all the above effects in Python. Playing around with the distortion formulas is so much more easy than in C. :)

Color Tunnel

Another h.263 based effect

The whole movie was actually generated using a combination of swfc and Python. First, the tunnel itself was generated by coltunnel.py. Then, to hide the seed in the middle of the picture, a black-to transparent gradient image created by gradient.sc was overlayed using
swfcombine -zT tunnel_raw.swf gradient.swf -o coltunnel.swf.